I0 Channels, being my registered business name, was born out of a desire to maximize the application of technology to further my interest in photography and digital imaging.  Every image has potentially 10 Channels through which corrective actions can be applied to improve an image's colour for print or display. 

Now retired, I am in a position to put time into developing further my photographic and post processing skills.  I am particularly keen to try my hand at portraiture as this was also an area of interest for my father, a photographer enthusiast who practiced his art at a time when large format cameras, film, enlargers and the dark room was the technology of the day.

By familiarizing myself with digital tools, I have come to appreciate the science and art behind the production of images from this era.

This site and other network pages I have set up are to share my work with those who have similar interests. It was not my intention to make a business out of photography but with practice who knows....

If you like what you see please feel free to let me know!

Peter Detheridge